Tuesday, March 18, 2014

red filter failure

As part of package with my Rolleiflex, I have received original sun protection "tulip" and two color filters for b/w photography, all in nice also original leather cases. For a long time I haven't used them, but recently I gave a try to the red filter - I wanted to achieve effect of nice dramatic sky, not over exposed, but also correctly exposed rest of the frame.

I studied a bit in internet about exposure compensation while using red filter and found out taht in most cases it is needed to increase exposure about 3 stops. Then I also checked with my light meter, where I got results closer to +2 stops depending on the frame. The filter itself mentioned the range from 1.5stops to 3stops (not much helpful :-/). Anyway first attempt was from my balcony and second from pedestrian part of Ag Nikolaou overlooking the sea, using +2 stops in both shots.

As You can easily notice, I have failed :-( Consider also the fact that I have darkened a bit the sky after scanning! Not sure why I failed... as I used the lesser compensation in fact. Imagine how over blown they would be with +3stops! I think I will go for minor +1 next time...

Photos: Rolleiflex Automat w/Tessar 75mm f/3.5, Rollei red filter, Kodak Tmax 400

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

more of krouzenshtern

Finally I got my film from Rolleiflex developed, so today bigger portion of Krouzenshtern photos, from different angles.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Just before Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the port of Patras had a very exotic guest: four-masted barque "Krouzenshtern", 114.5 metres long, 14.02 metres wide and 7.2 metres in draught. Although originaly built in Hamburg, Germany, today this almost 90 years old vessel belongs to Russian Sailing Academy and serves as training and tourist sailing ship. On it's cruise from mother port of Kalliningrad to Sochi, it docked for few days in Patras.

This photo was taken with FED-5 w/  Industar 55mm 2.8 lens (also russian :-P).