Thursday, February 16, 2012

copy paste

Some years ago, I was lucky to visit famous Barcelona. Truly beautiful city! Big, modern, located by the sea with modern port and marina, but first of all, full of history. Barcelona’s “must visit” list is very impressive, just from top of my head: Sagrada Familia, La Pedriza, Fontana Magica, teleferico over marina, Parco de Guey, the hill of Tiboodabo. I guess other cities of the world have strong reasons to be a little jealous.

When passing from Patra’s city beach towards marina, You can find some colorful decorations by the coast. The walls, benches, some playground for children are decorated with small ceramics with many different warm colors, just like in Barcelona’s Parco de Guey. By a chance or on purpose, they are similar and I like it! There is nothing wrong to copy something beautiful. I just wish, they were equally famous :-P

Photo: NIKON D70s, AP, f 1/7.1, 1/1000s, -0.3EV, f=27 mm (for 35mm), GIMP software

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