Thursday, August 30, 2012

teraz polska

It has been now almost a full year and nearly 50 posts since I have started my photo blog, and I have just realized that not a single one was from Poland :-/ Today time for my city! I use the title “teraz polska”, which in direct translation means “now Poland”.

The photo is again from my old russian camera FED-5, to somehow continue with recent series of traditional photography. But today’s one is not in b&w to prove that FED can also capture some nice colors (for any possible faults, I blame only the scanner :-P).
It is a Russian church of Nevski in the corner of Narutowicza and Kilinskiego in Lodz, one of the most interesting buildings in the city, so much different from the surrounding architecture. I managed to capture the red-yellow tram in front of it, also a quite recognizable trademark of Lodz.

Photo: FED-5 camera with FUJI 200 color

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


yes yes, the bridge again! And probably not for the last time... It's really hard not to repeat Yourself, when it comes down to Rio-Antirio bridge in photo blog about Patra. I believe it's like fourth or fifth one, but at least I’m trying something different every time...

Today, sunset in black&white, from analogue FED-5. Familiar view, but somehow so different.

Photo: FED-5 camera with AGFA APX100 B&W film

Thursday, August 16, 2012

cars not allowed

When I first came to Patras in 2010, Riga Fereou was under reconstruction to become pedestrians only street, closed for any car traffic. The idea of transforming city centers into traffic-free zones is followed in many European cities and it always works well. For over 2 years now, crowds of people, specially in winter months, can enjoy relaxing “volta”, shopping and coffee, without hundreds of cars around them.

Hopefully, more and more streets will join Riga Fereou to combine to whole network of pedestrian paths in Patra.

Photo: FED-5 camera with AGFA APX100 B&W film

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

waiting for trainaki

Today, I continue the series of analogue photos. Many weeks ago, I have written about Patra's suburban rail in separate post, and today I have photo of the same station but seen from different perspective: not only the other side but also seen through 40-year-old camera :-D

I like it as the old camera somehow gives “old” look to the photo and the place itself, like it was taken not in 21st century but 1980's...

Photo: FED-5 camera with AGFA APX100 B&W film

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

old russian

One year ago, while packing my stuff before moving to Greece, I found an old analogue camera. It was russian model FED-5, probably from early 1970's (it became impossible for me to establish exact year of production). At the beginning I was not even sure if it works, but there was only one way to find out. So I bought some B&W cheapest film and started to carry the “russian oldie” with me.

Fortunately, it turned out to work absolutely fine, which I cannot say about my operating skills :-/ I had to learn on my mistakes, as I haven't much previous experience with fully manual camera :-/ Anyway, after 5-6 rolls, I got the basic idea :-D and starting today, I decided to post some of the best photos I managed to take with my FED-5, here in Patra. The very first is from George square, with the Apollon Theatre.

Photo: FED-5 camera with AGFA APX100 B&W film