Monday, November 19, 2012

minus seventeen

This year’s 30th Athens Classic Marathon was a second marathon race for me after competing in Thessaloniki in April earlier this year. The two races appeared to be very different. The number of participants in Athens is something about 10 times larger, reaching 9000 this year, the number of spectators probably even more times larger, and the route itself is considered one of the most demanding in the world with its’ famous ascent to Agia Paraskevi, while Thessaloniki is almost completely flat. But one thing stays the same, the distance :-P that is the killer!

I have managed to prepare myself much better this time by fulfilling the plan in 100%. Fourteen weeks with average distance of more than 60km and 4h per week. The preparations for any autumn marathon are somehow easier as the weather is much better, that allowed me to stay away of any injures.
All in all, I have achieved my goal of sub 3.5h run with final time of 3:22:58 :-D That gives me more than seventeen minutes improvement from Thessaloniki! Considering the level of difficulty of the route, my satisfaction is even greater.
The photo I post comes from official photo-partner of Athens Classic Marathon, taken just few meters before heaven…

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