Saturday, January 4, 2014

3 admirals from 3 cameras

Trion Navarchon is pedestrian street in Patras, starting from the lighthouse down by the coast and going up until Psila Alonia square, ending with stairs. The name translates as "the three admirals".

One of my favourite views in Patras is exactly from the top of the stairs, looking down the pedestrian road to the lighthouse. Today, the very same view from three different cameras: german Rolleiflex Automat from 1938, russian FED-5 from 1970s and japanese digital Nikon D70s.
Photo: Rolleiflex Automat with Tessar 1:3.5 75mm, Kodak T-max 100

Photo: FED-5 with Industar 1:2.8 55mm, Agfa RETRO 100 (expired)

Photo: Nikon D70s with Nikkor 1:1.8 35mm

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