Friday, February 21, 2014


As I am waiting for some latest films to be developed, today I am posting digital again. But it's from my old, recently converted D70s. After removing hot mirror (infrared light blocking filter just in front of the CCD sensor) and replacing it with visible light blocking filter, I have achieved the infrared-only sensitive camera. Great fun to do the conversion! And even greater fun to play around with the camera and explore all new possibilities...

There are some basic rules to keep in mind while taking IR photos:
1) the AF is not working correct, since the wave length is different. The easy way out of it is to use small apertures (f/8 and smaller) so the DOF is large enough to cover this shift. This + lower IR light available prones the shutter times to be fairly slow even in very good light conditions.
2) most interesting frames are the ones with lots of green (that apears white on IR) and cloudy sky, with as much contrast as possible (prefferably strong sun)
3) It has very nice effect in foggy/moisture environment as IR is not prone to them and allows to see "through"

But these are only basic rules and as always dont have to be 100% followed.
Anyway, the photo above is quite recognizable for anyone from Patras: the view from top of Ag Nikolaou stairs to the downtown, old port and the bay. One of my very first IR photos :-D

Camera: Nikon D70s (IR converted, 715nm) w/Sigma 17-50 f/2.8
Settings: F/9, 1/25s, ISO-200, f=17mm (25mm for FX)

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