Thursday, May 10, 2012

first impression

There is quite famous saying in Poland, that I can directly translate to something like: “the front is most important”. It can actually be used in many different occasions like: when You go to meet Your future parents in law and You wear Your best clothes, or when You renovate a building and paint only the front wall, or when You invite a girl home and clean apartment only in visible places :-D

The same thought comes to my mind every time I visit a different city: is the first impression positive or not? Is “the front” of the city, it’s face, nice and friendly or ugly and repelling? So one day, I asked the same question looking at Patra. It is no longer a city I visit, it became a city I live in. I cannot say I haven’t seen better, but I liked what I saw :-D And I still hope it might improve in incoming future as the new port is under construction in the south side of the city, leaving plenty of attractive area in the center.

Photo: NIKON D70s, AP, f 1/8, 1/1600s, -0.3EV, f=27 mm (for 35mm), GIMP software

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