Thursday, August 30, 2012

teraz polska

It has been now almost a full year and nearly 50 posts since I have started my photo blog, and I have just realized that not a single one was from Poland :-/ Today time for my city! I use the title “teraz polska”, which in direct translation means “now Poland”.

The photo is again from my old russian camera FED-5, to somehow continue with recent series of traditional photography. But today’s one is not in b&w to prove that FED can also capture some nice colors (for any possible faults, I blame only the scanner :-P).
It is a Russian church of Nevski in the corner of Narutowicza and Kilinskiego in Lodz, one of the most interesting buildings in the city, so much different from the surrounding architecture. I managed to capture the red-yellow tram in front of it, also a quite recognizable trademark of Lodz.

Photo: FED-5 camera with FUJI 200 color

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