Thursday, April 24, 2014

much better

About a month ago I've posted some of my unsuccessful results usign red filter on Rollei. This didn't mean I have stopped trying :-P not at all. Very soon after I've shot another roll with some of the photos taken using red filter again. And this time I am very pleased :-D

After previously failing with +2EV and +1EV settings on the camera vs light meter, I've decided this time to keep settings of original (without filter) messurements and it worked! I'm no scientist and have no idea how and why it worked well but I don't really care :-P Anyway the conclusion is (at least for composition with huge portion of bright sky and clouds) that whatever is messured without filter will work just fine with filter on. I had also some second thoughts as maybe the camera doesn't messure shutter speeds correctly but I abandoned this as I am pretty sure I would notice much higher number of failed photos in the past.
Ahh, forgot the most important info :-P Of course it's view to Rio-Antirio bridge from Mpozaitika beach.

Photo: Rolleiflex Automat w/ Tessar 75mm f/3.5, Kodak Tmax 100

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