Tuesday, April 1, 2014

not baby-friendly

There are lots of things we never notice in everyday life around us... Until we experience them! I have started to see some of them when I became a very happy father. I.e. I was shocked how difficult it is to walk around Patras with pushchair! In the center center, it is still not so bad with some streets being pedestrain only and others having fairly wide and smooth pavements. But situation changes drastically when You get any further.

On my way home from the center, from about Papaflessa str until Skaliopouleio it is simply impossible to walk with a puchchair on most of the pavements. Either they dont exist at all, or too narrow, or blocked by parked cars or so devastated that passing through is not possible. My route home is very carefully chosen with more comfortable streets and simply by walking part of the distance by the road.

Photo: Nikon FM2 w/Tamron Adaptall2 70-150 f/3.5, Kodak Tmax 400

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